Customer Feedbacks


“Hey Armie, We had so much fun. This place really reminds me of home in India, the scenery and landscape. We all had so much fun. Pics to follow. Thanks so much for everything. Was really a blast.” - Meryl Jeorge, India

“Hi Armie, we’re having a great time, Thank you. We’re having Dinner at Kawayanan grill. You’re a great Travel Organizer. And you have a great Tour Guide.” – Rowena Sison, London

“Kuya Thanks ng marami, We’re having fun. Nice people and places” – Karen Calatrava, Bataan

“Thanks Armie. Natuwa sila” – Bryan Magali, Pangasinan

“Thanks for organizing the trip! Had fun kahit masakit sa legs.” – Mariecar Magat, Pangasinan

“Grabe Armie, kahit masakit ang buto buto, I had so much fun! Thanks for bringing us there! May sense of fulfillment pagkatapos ng buong adventure! See you soon!” – Kathy Uy, Naga

“Thanks for the wonderful trip kuya..” – Kaka Balmilero, Aurora

“Hi kuya. . Nageenjoy kami ditto ng Bonggang Bongga. . Salamat po Sobra. . Salamat po. . Mwah. .” – Precious Balansay, Baguio

“ Hi Armie, we’ll be leaving Philippines this morning. Many Thanks for all of your help. Hope to see you next time. Let us know if you plan to come to Beijing.” – Tingting Wang, China

“We are on the plane back to Manila now. Thank you very much for organizing the whole vacation. We really enjoyed it and really appreciate your help!” – Kaikai Zhang, China

“Just finished Lunch, it’s very Good! Many Thanks!” – Kun Yan, China

“Many Thanks Armie, we enjoyed today.. We appreciate all of your help. The Guide is also good..” – Lu Sun, China

“You deserve a Big Thank you from all of us talaga! Pag may next outing kami, ikaw po ulit magoorganize samin.” – Macon Vitamog, Vigan

"Thanks AL, You're The Best!" - Herman Soriano, Pangasinan

"Salamat AL, Laki ng naitulong mo sakin." - Miya Diokno, Pangasinan

"We're back! Thank you so much, Ma and Pa had so much Fun! Maraming Salamat Muli!" - Jennet Razo, Zambales

"It was so nice, Thanks Armie" - Rahul Mattom, India

"Thanks AL, Your guide in Bora is very honest, I gave him 500 HK Dollars and he gave it back." - Jobie Doria, Los Angeles California

"Thank you, we enjoyed it so much." - Randy Pagsolingan, Lorma International School La Union

"Thank you Sir, Nagenjoy po kami!" - Students, Baguio Central University

"Thanks for such a lovely arrangement.. Thank you so much for everything.. Wish I could stay here longer. I can't thank you enough for this Armie.. You are the best." - Dr. Shirapa Bajracharya, India

"Super nagenjoy ako at ang sakit ng katawan ko, haha!" - Sheena Cortez, Tarlac

"Hello, Oh My God, it's surreal. Had lots of fun.Too excited I already posted pics, haha!" - Maureen Dar, Los Angeles California

"Yes Armie, the trip was enjoyable and very good, now waiting for Boracay." - Dr. Dakhal Bikrant, India

"Hello Armie, I am enjoying my stay here and my wife & kid are very happy, thank you!. Hotel is also very nice and beachfront." - Dr. Dakhal Bikrant, India

"Sir thanks thanks! Enjoy kami ngayon dito. Mabait din tourguide, haha! We are very pleased to meet you and be our agent." - Em, Tugegarao, Cagayan Valley

"Good, We Enjoyed!" - Dr. Abejo, Manila

"Yes, Super Enjoy lahat!" - Jhel, Manila

"It was very nice. Thanks!" - Dr. Pragya Bharati, India

"Armie Thanks sa booking. Super enjoy kami! Thanks ulit! God bless!" - Christian Soriano, Pangasinan

"Pre maraming salamat sa batanes. It was worth it. Thank you sa pag book." - Dr. August Sablan, Baguio

"Sobrang enjoy! Photos to follow... Thank you for bringing us here ha...." - Jennet Razo, Baguio

"Thanks! Okay ang KL, bitin!! Super nice yung hotel. Thanks!" - Dr. Margot Schlaaff, Baguio

"Thank you sa pag-arrange ng vacation namin! nag-enjoy din kami sa company ni kuya eran!" - Dr. Hannah Navidad, Baguio

"The Best!!! Thank you armie ha! Nagenjoy kami ng boyfriend ko.." - Dr. Maureen Laranang, Baguio